Bots for Social Good

MakeGoodGames Bot

Hello, MakeGoodGames is a simple Twitter Bot for the purpose of promoting indie games.

Support the underdogs!

Here you have a simple bot to promote indie game devs within the tweetosphere. The idea is to get the word out for under-represented indie devs’ games. It currently looks for new or barely known indie devs and RTs their game updates! I’m looking forward to implementing more than just a good RTweeter. For now, the target tweets are those that have a relative high RT ratio with regards to the number of followers (i.e. those tweets with high RT and low user followers are prioritized).

Some of the features on the To Do list are:

  1. Better mechanism to detect under-representation and tweet selection.
  2. Tweet daily reports on #indiedev and #indiegame community.

Check the GitHub repository here: MakeGoodGames-TwitterBot.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me a personal message or raise an issue.